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Who We Are

Do you often wonder how to make your solar operations more efficient and scalable? We do, and we are dedicated to solving that challenge every day.

Our Mission

Clean energy is rapidly rising in prominence and we believe that solar, with its flexibility and versatility, is at the forefront of making that happen. In order for solar companies to grow quickly alongside demand, there needs to be workflow tools and processes that are flexible and easy to use. We knew that for solar to succeed, there had to be a way for solar companies to operate and scale more efficiently – so we set out to build one.

Our team features a diverse and unique set of professional backgrounds, including field operations, project management and new technology marketing. Equipped with first-hand knowledge in the challenges that sales, installation and O&M professionals face, we have been committed to crafting a mobile forms solution and business platform that enables standardized data collection, on-the-spot communication, and efficient process automation. Learn more about how Scoop Solar got started here.

What We Believe In

Scoop Solar Founders

Babak Sardary

Babak Sardary, MASc

CEO & Co-Founder

Mojgan Givi

Mojgan Givi, BEng

CTO & Co-Founder

Scoop Solar Advisors

Salman Shahid

Salman Shahid

Chief Architect, BC Hydro

Jean Kovacs

Jean Kovacs

President, Harvard Business School Angels

Dr. Shahram Tafazoli

CEO, Founder, Motion Metrics International

Michael Kuhlmann

Michael Kuhlmann

President & CEO, Co-Founder, Colony Networks Inc.

Ray Kruck

Ray Kruck

Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer, Nexgate Inc.